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Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Medicare supplement plans work with medicare part A and part B to pay some or all of your medicare deductibles and co-payments. Your Medicare part A and B continue to act as your primary coverage, the medigap plan pays the deductibles that are left after medicare pays first.


  • All Medicare supplement plans are accepted every where your Medicare is accepted. There are no networks, you can choose any doctor, and you will not need a refferal to see a specialist.


  • Does not include prescription coverage, your My Medicare Place agent can show you how to find the right part D plan to cover your medications.  


  • There are only 10 Medicare supplement plance to choose from, they are lettered from A-N and each company offering any one of tthe 10 plans must offer the same coverage for that plan as every other company. 


  • If you choose to purchase plan F you will have 100% coverage with no deductibles or copays for doctors and hospitals.

Medicare Supplement Plans VS Medicare Advantage

  • Combines medicare part A, B coverage benefits and sometimes includes part D prescription coverage. They will also take over as your primary coverage. 


  • Limited Choice in the doctors and hospitals you can see.


  • You will have copays, deductibles and co-insurances to pay for certain types of care. 


  • If you choose an HMO type Medicare Advantage plan you will need a referral to see a specialist and for hospital visits.


  • Sometimes offered with a zero monthly premium in addition to your part B premium. 

Author: Jesse Bannister

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Medicare Supplement Plans